Niwi Trips Benefits

This is what brings Niwi Trips to the next level and what separates us from every other ride-hailing service in the world. By sharing our income with those that share Niwi Trips we are able to create benefits for our customers that can potential change their lives.

Everybody knows 4 people. Either friends or family, we all know someone we share things with. In fact, there are plenty have people have shared other ride-hailing services before simply because it was the best option for commuting. In Niwi Trips, we reward you for sharing Niwi Trips with your friends and family. ​ Of course, your 4 people will also have 4 other people. And those 4 will also know 4 other people. Well, Niwi Trips have designed our app so that you can get benefits from those other 8 as well. In fact, Niwi Trips helps you earn benefits from the up to 5 generational levels.

Let's project what this could potentially look like.

- You

This is what your 5 levels would look like if everyone shared Niwi Trips with just 4.

Although you will probably know more people, to be conservative let’s use 4 as an example.

But how do you benefit? It’s simple, every time someone from your 5 levels books a ride, Niwi Trips will give you 0.30% of the cost of the ride. 

Now let’s see what that looks like if everyone spends an average of $100 a month.

You -

If we accumulate everyone in all 5 levels it would total 1,364 people.

​1,364 in total spending $100 on rides would equal to $136,400

0.30% of $135,400 would equal = $406!

​Remember, this is with everyone only sharing Niwi Trips with 4 people. In reality, there is no limit to how many you can share Niwi Trips with.

Please note that there is a limit of $300 for free users. However for Niwi Global members, you not only earn from Niwi Global, but you also increase your level and income limits in Niwi Trips.

​That’s 2 different incomes from the same group of people you have already shared Niwi Trips with.

​For more information about Niwi Global click the link below.